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Accessing Student Grades

Students may view their grades for each term they were enrolled through Navigator. Grades are available for each semester after all grades have been received and posted, typically several weeks after the end of each semester.

Should a grade be missing after the fully-graded date, please contact your professor for more information.

Official Grade Reports

Official grade reports are available upon request through the Student Navigation Center. Please bear in mind that most outside colleges or employers will require you to request an official transcript of your Salem State work.  

Undergraduate Grading System 

 Grade          Grade Equivalents 
 A   4.0
 A-  3.7
 B+  3.3
 B  3.0
 B-  2.7
 C+  2.3
 C  2.0
 C-  1.7
 D+  1.3
 D  1.0
 D-  0.7
 F  0.0
 F*  0.0


  • P -- A grade of P will earn credits, but does not carry grade points and will not affect the cumulative GPA.
  • I -- An incomplete grade is a temporary grade that automatically changes to an F six weeks into the following semester if the course work is not completed and a grade change submitted by the instructor.
  • W -- A W grade is assigned to a student after he/she withdraws from a class after the established add/drop or drop deadline. It does not carry credit and does not impact the cumulative GPA.
  • AU -- An AU grade is assigned when a student audits a graduate or continuing education course. It does not carry credit and does not impact the cumulative GPA.
  • T -- A T grade is the grade assigned to transfer credit. A course with a T grade will carry credit, but will not impact the cumulative GPA.

Graduate Grading System

In most instances, graduate students will receive letter grades as follows: A, A-, B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, F, I, P.  D grades are not valid grade assignments for graduate students. The grade-point equivalent of the letter grade at the graduate level shall be calculated in accordance with the undergraduate grading system outlined above.

Grade-Point Average

Your cumulative grade-point average (GPA) is calculated by dividing the sum of your grade points by the total number of credits you have taken at Salem State, including credits for courses you may have failed. Transfer credits, study abroad credits and courses taken for pass credit or those which have been repeated are not included in your cumulative or major GPA, and should be subtracted from the total number of credits earned for the purpose of calculating the GPA. The grade points you earn for each class are calculated by multiplying the number of credits for the class by the number equivalent to the letter grade you received (see the key above). Your cumulative GPA can be viewed online through your Navigator account on your unofficial transcript.  

Special Grading Basis and Transcript Information

There may be special notations appearing on your academic transcript. The following notations may apply to individual courses as indicated:

Alternatives for Individual Development identifies a course taken by a student actively enrolled in the Alternatives for Individual Development (AID) program. Academic credit is not granted for courses in which grades below C- are awarded, nor are such grades used in calculating the student's cumulative GPA.

Substitute Course identifies a course completed by the student for which a substitute course is taken. Academic credit is not granted for such courses, nor are grades used in calculating the student's cumulative GPA.

Outside of Degree Program identifies a course taken by a graduate student that does not apply to her degree program. Such grades are not used in calculating the student's cumulative GPA.

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